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        Our Service Department will perform repairs, maintenance and upgrades of almost all available brands on surveying market. Our goal is to provide a quality job with the skills we have honed through many years dedicated to our valued customers. We can't wait for you to bring your sick equipment!    Your satisfaction is our prize!

            Our service crew has been trained through the years in specialized  courses provided by well recognized manufacturers such as:

        • Sokkia

        • Nikon

        • Leica / Wild

        • Zeiss

        • Spectra/Precision/TDS

        • Brunson

        • Berger

        • Kern

        • Schonsted

        • Bosh/CST

             The repair shop is equipped in the newest test tools provided by factories and they guarantee top level of accuracy. These include Brunson and Sokkia calibration stands, Sokkia test boxes, Madison/Ward Laser Range. See pictures below:
                       Calibration Room         Laser Range
                       Sokkia Workbench             Repair in progress...