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        Check www.javad.com
        for new revolutionary
        line of GNSS products ! ! ! ! !
                                                                          Tel: 630-960-5022             Fax:  630-960-2721     
        ----------------  Store Hours:  M-F 7:30 - 5   -----------------
        • 394 channels
        • multi constellation
        • Trimble board
        • tilt compensator
        • magnesium alloy housing
        • waterproof
        • internal cell modem


        • Windows CE on board
        • 3000ft reflectorless
        • robotic range 1000ft
        • new Hybryd Drives for high speed prism tracking



        • 2500 ft reflectorless
        • working range 1000 ft
        • auto tracking, auto pointing
        • RC-PR5 active remote, weighs only 15 Oz
        • 4 Hrs Li-Ion battery
        • laser plummet
        • fast ultrasonic motors
        • compact size, light weight
        • 864Channels
        • up to 18Hrs battery life
        • optional internal inclinometers
        • optional Lift and Tilt, no need to level


        STONEX S10A GNSS  Receiver   GEOMAX Zoom 90 Robot   SOKKIA iX Robot   JAVAD

        VRS Now
        We are Trimble VRS local business partner.
        To purchase subscription
        lick on Trimble's logo.
        Please mark Midwest Surveying Insturments in dealer field.

        We are Authorized ServiceCenter
        Trimble/Spectra Precision (TDS)
         data collectors.

        Replace damaged touch screen, keypad,
        broken housing on Rangers, Nomads and Recons


        Surveyor2      Survey 2019


        X-Y Grade

        Site Pro/David White

        Schonstedt  GA-52Cx, 52B                CST MT-100, 101, 102
        repaired by factory trained technician with 30 years of experience!
        Most of the repairs under $160.00 that's 20% less then any of
        surveying magzine or Internet price!!

        total stations  theodolites  automatic levels  data collectors  data collection software  desktop  software  laser levels  tripods  prism poles  prisms  level rods 

        marking  tapes  tribrachs  paint  tools  wood products    bags  iron products  locators    plumb bobs  radios  safety equipment 
        field books  






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