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           Midwest Surveying Instruments, Inc. is conveniently located just 3 miles N-W of I-294 Tollway and I-55 Stevenson Highway intersection and The Argonne National Laboratory, a well known landmark in the Great Chicago area. You'll find us at North corner of shopping strip mall on East side of Cass Ave., just 1block North of 63rd St. in Westmont.  Parking area is ample and you will find it easy to get in and out.

        We are only 25 min from O'Hare Airport and 25 min from Downtown Chicago!

        Lat = 41?46' 36.79446        Long = 87?58' 25.89225       El. Hght = 586.233ft

        Click on the map to Zoom Out

        Midwest Surveying Instruments, Inc.
        6113 S Cass Ave
        Westmont IL60559


        Look for our Road Sign...

        Driving Directions from:


        take I-55 S [W] toward St Louis, at Exit #273B turn off onto N Cass Ave, go 3 miles North, or take I-290 W then I-88 and follow directions "from North"


        take I-55 N [E] toward Chicago, take the  Cass Ave Exit #273B (N), go 3 miles;        from I-355 take 63rd St East to Cass Ave, go N 1 block


        take I-294 S toward Indiana, exit to I-88 W toward Aurora, go 1 mile, pay $.40 toll and exit to 83 S (Kingery Rd), exit to 63rd Rd, go N 1.5 mile to Cass Ave, turn right and go N 1 block. Alternative route from I-294 S: exit at Ogden Ave W, go Kingery Rd S as above


        take I-294 N toward Wisconsin, merge onto I-55 S [W] toward St Louis, take the N Cass Ave exit #273B, go North 3 miles