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             Midwest Surveying Instruments, Inc. opened its door in July, 2003. We proudly offer over 70 combined years of repairs and sales. Our service technicians are factory trained and certified on most types of instruments in today's market and will perform repairs of the highest standards.

             Our Sales Department offers products of most major manufacturers such as Sokkia, Geomax, Stonex, Javad, Nikon, Trimble/Spectra Precision, Carlson, Bosh, SECO, Keson, Schonstedt and many more. In our showroom you will find total stations, GPS receivers, levels, tripods, rods, prism poles, prisms, tapes, locators, warning lights, safety vests, flagging, marking paints, nails, laths, stakes, rebars, pipes, paper media just a few to mention.

             We would like to point out our cost for most repairs is lower than any of our competitors just compare. In the majority of our field supplies you will find that our pricing is very competitive.

             We also accept trade-ins on the purchase of new instruments, as well as free lifetime calibration with the purchase. We offer discounted rental rates for your equipment being repaired. We will do our best to have what you need, when you need it and to have your equipment repaired quickly and reliably.